Nyc fine art storage and warehousing

When you put your trust in Dun-Rite as your primary source for monumental storage and handling, you can rest assured that your work will receive only the highest quality of surroundings. From the large ceiling height to the pristine environment conditions, we take pride in creating an immaculate atmosphere to house your pieces.

Dun-Rite Specialized Carriers offers the finest art storage and warehousing in New York. As leaders in artwork and monumental storage and transportation, you will feel assured that your invaluable works of art are in skilled hands. Our state-of-the-art storage and warehouses are clean, safe, alarmed, military- approved, and conveniently located.

Easy Storage Capabilities – NO MATTER THE SIZE

Our storage unit is exceptionally accommodating for art pieces big or small. Our facility has a 25′ ceiling height to allow for all types of artwork to be properly stored. If special handling is required to off-load or load, forklifts and cranes are available. No other rigging service can claim to match our dedication to customer service and satisfaction when it comes to moving art pieces.

Temperature Controlled Storage

Protect your finest works of art with our state of the art temperature controlled storage facility.

Temperature and humidity are two of the most important elements that can affect the quality of paintings and other fine art. Our fine art professionals at Dun-Rite Specialized not only have the knowledge that art work requires both special handling and storage but have the expertise to make sure your most prized possessions are secure. Our facility gives true meaning to “climate controlled” when it comes to museum standard storage requirements.

  • Heat will be maintained at 64 +/-2 degrees
  • Cooling will be maintained at 74 +/-2 degrees
  • Humidity will be maintained around 55%
  • Floors are alarmed at all doors and has motion sensor lights and alarms
  • All doors from elevator will be locked and secured 24 hours a day
  • Height of floors is 18’ above street level and higher – flood free zone
  • Area is secure with no adjacent building
Open Floor Plan
Our open floor space, lighting and white walls makes it an excellent advantage for our clients to showcase art work to potential customers or to photograph their pieces. Our specialized exhibition space features 16 foot and 18 foot ceilings with private access.
Over Sized Elevator Shaft
Over 50 years experience storing pianos with the highest quality of care.
With a 25' ceiling height, our storage facility is exceptionally accommodating for art pieces of any size.
Our 35,000 square foot yard can accommodate monumental sculptures of any size and weight.
Our outdoor space is also used for restoration of monumental works. This is ideal for a venue that does not have the type of outdoor space needed for the burning, waxing, welding, and application of patinas.
If special handling is required to off-load or load, forklifts and cranes are available. Whether it is a small piece of art or a large monumental sculpture, our team of NCCCO certified riggers and crane operators are consummate professionals ensuring safe handling.
Our large gated entryway enables us to receive deliveries of any size. Conveniently equipped with gated entry located on front side and backside of facility.
Southern Boulevard Entry
Minford Place Entry
Our loading docks have the capacity for pieces of any size and weight allowing us to ship or receive domestic or international works from our location.
Wooden container storage located on an open floor plan.
Temperature Controlled Storage
Temperature Controlled Storage
Temperature Controlled Storage
Elevator leading to the floors

Features of Our Indoor Storage Units:

  • State-of-the-art security alarms monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • 25′ foot ceiling height for oversized works of art
  • 2,500 square foot temporary exhibition space with 18’ ceiling height and private access
  • Open floor plans available for pieces of any size or weight

To learn more about our storage facility, or to request a quote on long or short-term storage, please contact our professional staff today. We look forward to helping you secure your investments.